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“ It’s the process of making photorealistic 3D model of your product ”


By photographing and taking all of your product measurements and remake it using 3D softwares to make a real world photorealistic 3D model of your product so you can't tell the difference what is real and what is CG.

3D is smart, flexible and creative asset

By making a photorealistic 3D model of your product ,you can now get studio shots of your product in few minutes and make light setups and take camera angles that could be impossible to achieve using the traditional ways of photography and retouching.

you can also simply upgrade your 3D model by changing its label, color and material with few clicks and get instant renders for further use in your social media content or prints.

by animating your 3D model now you can achieve things that could be impossible using traditional way of photography and videography such as explode shots, interacting with liquid simulations ...etc.

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